Examples Of Tillage Equipment Available To Large-Scale Farmers Today

2 November 2020
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The ability to turn a profit on your farm each year significantly depends on how many crops you can plant, fertilize, and harvest each season. When you want to maximize the money that you make, you need to use the newest and most innovative machinery and tools available to you. In particular, you must invest in tillage parts that let you work your fields efficiently. These types of tillage equipment are some of the ones to invest in to make your farm successful.

Chisel Plow

A chisel plow is one of the numerous types of tillage equipment available to farmers today. This plow features tillage parts like spikes, sweeps, and shovels, all of which are attached to the plow's shanks. They can plow rows that are two to four inches wide and are favored because they do not mix the soil and cover less residue like other types of plowing equipment. 

A chisel plow can be especially handy for creating less tillage in a field. It often includes other parts like disc blades and coulters located on the front to cover less residue in your fields.

Straight-Point Chisel Plow

A straight-point chisel plow is another example of tillage parts that you can use in your fields. This type of blow is renowned for being able to break and shatter tough, compacted soil. It can create depths of six to 12 inches, which are ideal for crops like potatoes and wheat that need more significant depth to take root and grow successfully. 

Some of the tillage parts that are available with a straight-point chisel plow include a reversible pike point, a two-inch straight chisel point, and three-inch right and left chisel shove points. You can also attach tillage parts like reversible shovels or 12- to 18-inch sweeps onto your straight-point chisel plow. 

Finally, the tillage equipment that you keep on hand can include both tandem and offset disks. These tillage parts are used for pulverizing the soil and creating depths up to 15 inches. These disks also create significant soil disturbance and are used for residue burial during planting.

These types of tillage equipment are some that you need to use on your farm today. They are designed to make planting, fertilizing, and plowing, among other tasks, easier. They also help you break up tough soil in your fields, create the right depths for plants, and either bury or cover residue.